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In recent years, Kwun Tong has been transformed from an industrial zone into a second core business district due to the launch of the Kowloon East Project. It is the base for many start-ups. The face of this economic transformation can also be seen from the recent hit movie "Food Drama Attacking the Heart" - the industrial building unit of "Blessed Barbecued Pork" in the movie just happens to be the office of an international investment bank. What treasures are left for runners to discover in this region that is undergoing earth-shaking changes?

  1. 不明原因的頭暈、胸部不適(胸悶、胸痛)、呼吸困難

  2. suddenly lose consciousness

  3. Hypertension (>140/90mmHg)

  4. heart disease

  5. abnormal kidney function

  6. 糖尿病

  7. 家族心臟病史(一等親在60歲前發生心臟病或猝死)

  8. 癲癇

  9. 其他


BOC Life Hong Kong Harbour Marathon 2024

Date: Saturday, 13th April, 2024 
Time: 10:00 am – 6:00 pm
Start/ Finish Point and Carnival: "HarbourChill " in Wan Chai


How to participate? 
Companies can register as corporate teams to support this initiative. Each team will be led by their CEO with 7 to 9 team members. Team members will take part in the relay of the Harbour Marathon, completing approximately 42-kilometer route following the recommended courses provided by the organisers. The team must finish the entire route within 8 hours*. Each team member who successfully completes the marathon will receive a "Finisher Medal" and a "Finisher Certificate" as recognition of his/her dedication and achievement.

Please note the following requirements:
*Team members must pass the baton at 7 designated exchange zones and check-in at 3 additional checkpoints (West Kowloon Art Park, Kai Tak Runway Park, and Sai Wan Ho Pier).
*Team members are required to track their running distance using a running app or software. 


After registration, each team member (up to a maximum of ten per team) will receive the following: 

  • Race bib

  • Exclusive event tee

  • Finisher medal and certificate (upon completion of the run)

medal AW-01-en.png

Corporate sponsorship fee:

  • HKD20,000 for 1 corporate team    

  • HKD38,000 for 2 corporate teams        

  • HKD72,000 for 4 corporate teams        

    • Max. 10 runners per team. 

    • For corporate sponsors with 2 teams or above, each participant is entitled to participate in the pre-race run. 

    • For corporate sponsors with 4 teams or above, each participant is entitled to join 4 regular running classes and the pre-race run. 

60% of the sponsorship fee will be evenly donated to the “RunOurCity Foundation” and “St. James’ Settlement” to support their youth development work.

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