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RunOurCity Foundation Limited 

Founded by RunOurCity, RunOurCity Foundation Limited is a not-for-profit charity body that caters and serves the underserved communities. We advocate and leverage compassion running to bring together different pockets of the society to promote harmony and empathy.

Youth.ROC, our pioneer project aimed at supporting youths, has so far served 14,000+ youngsters  motivated by the coach to complete a 10km run. We populate and infuse the program with multiple elements to enrich the meaning of healthy running to our participants to help them cultivate their running habits and cultures.

RunOurCity believes running transforms lives and our students can benefit through life on life interaction. We are committed to offering a platform to support Special Education Needs (SEN) students via running. Through structured running programs and focus groups, a caring and inclusive environment is built to enable SEN students to promote self-regulation, self-behavioral control and communication skills, and even reduce their reliance on medication. More importantly, it helps them build self-confidence and develop their full potential.


Founded by the Rt. Rev. Bishop R.O. Hall of the Anglican Church in 1949, St. James’ Settlement began as a club for boys and girls in a temple in Stone Nullah Lane, Wanchai. To date, our 96 service points are in operation across Hong Kong. 

By the end of September 2023, we have over 1,900 staff members to provide a vast range of high-quality services for people of different ages and needs, including children, teenagers, families, the elderly and people with disabilities. In 2022-2023, the Settlement served more than 3.23 million person-times through a broad spectrum of services ranging from community support to residential care.

The ‘BOC Life New Generation Financial and Technology Designers’ Programme was jointly launched by BOC Group Life Assurance Company Limited and St. James’ Settlement in 2021 which aims at supporting underprivileged primary school students to participate in STEAM courses. In 2026, a total of 789 students will benefit from the programme.

This STEAM education programme promotes financial literacy and environmental protection while nurturing innovation and technology talents. Through participating in in-school coding workshops and field trips, students gain a better understanding of the skills needed for future development, including programming, logic, creativity, communication skills, problem-solving and decision-making abilities.

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