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  • Can children join the race?
    Children may join the race with guardian’s consent. The registration fee is HK$158, which is the same as adults.
  • Is there an application deadline?
    There is no application deadline for the race. Runners may sign up to the race anytime within the race period, from 19 November 2022 to 18 December 2022.
  • How can I participate?
    Runners may accumulate a full marathon equivalent (~42km) in unlimited trips and take snapshots at 5 designated photo checkpoints (with your bib shown in the picture) along the harbour to complete the challenge. All participants shall record their running mileage after each run by filling in an online form. You may submit the photos more than once. Please upload the photos and your mileage record at You may also challenge yourself by completing the full route and visiting all 5 designated checkpoints in one go: the first 20 finishers shall receive an extra souvenir. The organizer will review all submissions after the end of the race, and the first 20 finishers will be contacted separately for gift collection.
  • If I could not finish the 42km run within the race period, would I be considered as failing to complete the race and unable to collect an e-certificate and medal?
  • How to register for the event?
    Please fill in the registration form at /222863093885467
  • Will donation receipts be issued?
    Donation receipts will be issued only if the participant donates no less than HK$100 when registering for the race (on top of paying the $158 race registration fee). Eligible participants may fill in information required for issuing the receipt in the registration form and a team member from RunOurCity Foundation will contact the participant separately. The registration fee of HK$158 is not eligible for such a purpose.
  • How can I record my running mileage?
    You may use any mobile application or sports watch to record your mileage.
  • How may I submit my record to the organizer?
    Participants are required to submit their running record after each run and 5 snapshots taken at designated spots via You may upload the photos more than once.
  • Do both running and walking mileage count?
  • Where can I read the terms and conditions of participating in the race?
    You may access the terms and conditions at
  • What souvenirs will I receive having registered for the race?
    All participants who have completed the 42km run will receive a finisher medal and e-certificate.
  • Am I covered by any insurance arranged by the organizer?
    The organizer will not arrange any insurance for the participants at any time or location during the virtual race. Participants are advised to take up their own personal or other insurance policies according to their needs separately.
  • Which organization is the beneficiary of this charity run event?
    All proceeds from registration fees will go to RunOurCity Foundation, to support Special Education Needs (SEN) youth to join running training programmes.
  • Are there any prizes for this event?
    The “Best check-in photo” award has been set up where 1 special prize will be awarded to the photo with the most number of likes at each designated photo spot. Runners may upload photos taken at any of the designated photo spots (not bigger than 3MB) with a title of less than 20 words.
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